Friday, April 6, 2012

The Angel from the Moon

Down he walked,
On the pitch dark street,
Shivering with fright,
Cowering in fear,

Suddenly she came down,
From far far above,
An angel sent,
By the moon herself.

Joined her she did,
On the path of darkness,
Her radiant smile,
Leading the way.

Her beauty it struck him,
Her eyes, they floored him,
Her smile, it warmed him,
Her voice, it calmed him.

Her hands were so cold,
Yet in those soft hands he felt,
A warmth he'd never known,
Yet one that felt right.

They talked,
They shared,
They hugged,
They laughed.

The darkness around,
It never went,
With her around,
It was never felt.

Then came the sun,
To bring brightness to the world,
Light and happiness,
It all spread around,

But for the angel,
The time had come,
To spread her wings,
To fly away.

He wept, he pleaded,
For her to stay,
I love you so much,
He said in pain.

Without turning back,
She flew away,
To her he had meant perhaps,
Nothing at all.

As the light spread around,
And the happiness spread,
The darkness spread,
In his heart instead.

Love her did he,
From the bottom of his heart,
Without her his life,
Meant nothing at all.

To this day he walks back,
To that pitch dark street,
Looking up at the moon,
With a tear in his eye.

Till eternity will he wait,
For that lovely angel,
To come back to his life,
To make him happy again.

Dedicated to the angel from the moon in my life

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