Saturday, January 30, 2010

Togo Banned by CAF for two ACN's!! What gives

About two weeks ago, The Togo national team was travelling in the Angolan province of Cabinda toward the African Cup of Nations tournament, when they were ambushed by a group of terrorists/insurgents/separatists. An assistant coach, the bus driver were killed and a few injuries also resulted. So understandably the Togolese team withdrew from the ACN. Now the CAF has banned them for the next two tournaments. That has got singularly be the most absurd and insensitive decision in the history of all sports.

Last year a bus carrying the Sri Lankan National cricket team was attacked in Lahore and they pulled out of their tour. Did anyone question them? No, of course not. They were SHOT AT!! I do believe that that calls for some allowance when it comes to withdrawing from sport events.

Imagine if this had been the FIFA World Cup and a non-African (read European/North American) team had been attacked. Would this be the decision taken by FIFA. NO!!! Firstly, I'm sure the World Cup would have been called off and the western "powers" would have begun a "war on terrorism" there as well.

This decision to ban Togo is a shame on humanity and should be withdrawn immediately along with the resignation of the obviously idiotic CAF president!
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