Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why Waves??

Three and a half years had passed since I joined BITS-Pilani Goa Campus. My last day as a BITS Student in Goa was passing by as I sat on the beach in Baga. A friend sat beside me (Chummi), one who I'd worked with for Waves on many an occasion. Somehow in our quiet reflection we remembered our times at Waves. I had already in the past mentioned how it would be a dream come true to be able to one day help Waves from the outside, and this came up for discussion. In that discussion, he brought up how he felt that now it all seemed so pointless, so fruitless. He asked me, what is it that entices you so much? Why Waves?

It was a question that I'd have thought would have an obvious answer. But right there at that moment I had none. Why Waves? Really what was so special about that festival? Was it the amount of fun I had working for it? No not a strong enough reason to explain the attachment. Was it the joy I got from seeing the festival grow? Well, maybe, but usually such strong bonds are formed when there is a selfish reason involved. This isn't one. So what was it?

I spent the next day thinking about it. Why Waves, why waves, why waves?? Why I hated quark was an easy one to answer. Quark always seemed to do everything possible to make life difficult for those of us organising Waves. (Especially when they refused to shift quark to the 1st sem, forcing us to; thereby making sure we had to fight rain every damn time). My liking of Spree also had a good solid selfish reason attached to it. I love basketball. Seeing a platform where excellent teams compete is something that's well worth it. Which once again brings me back to "WHY WAVES"??

What is it about something that makes us feel so deeply attached that we struggle to ever break free. What is it about Waves that holds me so tight, and yet I have no logical explanation as to why it is so. No logical explanation. There is none. I would be the first one to admit that. Yet, I worked and fell in love with the festival. I know deep down Waves may never be a Mood Indigo, or a Saarang. But Waves for some odd, illogical, unexplainable, undecipherable reason, will always be my beloved WAVES. Don't ask why, what if or anything else. It is what it is. In the words of Rajnikant in the movie (FAIL) Baba, "Ghatam Ghatam".
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