Friday, October 30, 2009

Sad Match

Today morning began with me watching one of the worst basketball games I have ever seen. Sure, the Nuggets pulled away only at the end to win 97-94 versus the Trailblazers. But this was a sad, sad game. What should have been an exciting last quarter became a free throw extravaganza. What should have been an exhibition of Portland's efficient offence turned into a series of horrible shots. Portland only kept up with Denver because they completely out-rebounded the Nuggets. Denver rode on Melo's back who's 41 points eventually won the game

When you see such games it annoys you as a viewer. Sure defences were pretty decent but in a game between too evenly matched foes you expect a certain degree of athleticism. The only really adrenaline pumping play I can remember is when Martell Webster drove along the baseline and dunked hard. No transition points of note. Free throw points galore. Please God please give me a better game to watch :(
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Taken for granted

This is probably going to be one of the corniest posts (I have) ever written. So those averse to such posts may stop reading.

Life is complicated. Filled with so many choices: Right from our careers, our friends, hell even our lunches and dinners. And yet somehow, our choice in the opposite sex seems made, by someone other than us.

That's what makes love special. No matter how much you'd like to, you can't control it. You can't change your mind overnight. Love, somehow is something which feels like it should be in our control and isn't.

So why is this post titled "taken for granted". Well, here goes. Like I said, love is something beyond control. And those who know, and feel this emotion sometimes take it for granted. Living in the present is always special for any couple but, that's when they should realise that they are lucky. Lucky to have a present together.

Take the recent "prom" situation in campus, with loads of couples hooking up for the big day. They will have a great time, whilst people like me will sit out and dream about what it would be like to have that kind of present. I have no such present. My love is elsewhere, far away. I have only the future to look forward to. And yet I know, that only I can see how lucky the "prom" couples are.

So, getting back to it, they will have a great time. But, they will take it for granted. Until the day comes to part (if it does). And when that day comes they will regret taking such moments, such enjoyment for granted. So, my advice to these couples would be enjoy yourself like there's no tomorrow, because you never know when fate will be cruel and hold you apart. Remember to feel lucky. To have someone you love, so close to you. Remember to cherish every moment, because you never know when those moments will run out.

I will sit out, jealous of every couple at the "prom", trying to distract myself by working on something. But my mind will be back home, thinking of her and what I'm missing. And shed a tear, I will. I hope the couples know what they have is special. You never know when God will play a cruel practical joke on you, and leave you with nothing but hope.

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