Monday, December 12, 2011

She was the one

It was a warm sunny morning. Nice, some would say. Only for him, it turned out anything but. "We should end this" said the text message. First thing he saw after waking up. Confused and paralysed he slowly replied saying "what?"

Fear was slowly taken by panic. The hands shook. The lips trembled. The eyes reddened. What followed was a series of begging, crying, negotiating and anger. But nothing would make her budge. Nothing.

They'd been together a long time. Some could say the distance between them had driven a wedge between them. But no, he told himself. They spoke everyday. In fact they'd even spoken last night. She sounded fine last night, he thought to himself.

Some might say he'd taken her for granted. Maybe he told himself.

He began pleading, asking her for one last opportunity. This time she wouldn't respond. He called. She wouldn't pick up. Tears trickled down his cheek. For a guy of little emotion this was a lot. He sat in shock. He didn't eat, but wasn't hungry anyway. Food wasn't what he wanted. She. She was all he wanted.

Grief struck him again. He curled himself almost into a foetal position, and cried. Cried like he'd never cried before. He tried to think of how he could win her back. All he could think of was her smile. That bloody gorgeous smile. That smile that he could stare at all day long. More tears.

That lovely laugh that filled him with warmth. That excited chatter. The impatient "why didn't you reply?" for the message she'd sent a minute ago. He was never going to see those again. He couldn't stop the whimpers from escaping his lips. He couldn't breathe. Grief had seized him.

The stomach was queasy, the throat was stuck. The eyes were dry, yet tears kept trickling down. The numerous phone calls. The hundreds of chat messages. The millions of I love you's. Her mischief ridden voice. All gone. Forever. His head hurt. The sky was falling on his head. All gone.

Amongst all the thoughts of her beauty, her intelligence, her personality. One thought echoed in his mind. She was the one. And he'd lost her. Forever.

All characters are purely fictional
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